My first try at droning, added another.

Discussion in 'Aerial Photography' started by Nwcid, Feb 23, 2018.

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    HIGH wind? It looked pretty stable to me.
    Are the newer quads able to hold position in the wind, without operator control?

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    Starting at the 50 second mark, look at the sage brush in the bottom part of the frame. It takes a lot of wind to move it like that. I would not be shocked if it was gusts of 30-35mph. While the image is stable, you can see the drone moving quite a bit, and only a little of that is operator error.

    Depending on which drone you get, will depend on how it is controlled. All of this style have some kind of automatic positioning. In the case of the Karma, it is only GPS so it is not as stable as some others out there. There are others that use proximity sensors along with GPS and are almost rock solid.

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