My first website

Hi, I really enjoyed your site. I love the stories that go with the pictures. Very well done.

On the technical side -

Maybe a banner at the top with your site name - maybe a photo in it.. on each page... they are kind of bland.

A "next" button in the galleries, it gets kind of annoying going back to the main page each time.

Well done though!

Thanks. I put a piece at the bottom of each page with the site title on. I guess there's different potentiual ways to navigate through the pictures but i chose to do each one as a separate "story". I guess as I get more pictures and the site evolves the design might undergo an overhaul.

Cheers, Lol
Just an update folks. After much sweat and tears I now have a database driven gallery feature on my site and a load more photos. The guestbook is down at the moment as I have moved hosts but have a look anyway. All comments regarding site or photos are welcome.

Cheers, Lol
Nice photos and the design is good... but I'd be a bit put off by the legal disclaimer... "You have no rights, so tough" is basically how it comes across... a bit aggressive. I'm sure there's a better way to word it, but still get the info across.
How beautiful... i nearly cried. Good on you for doing what you do.... you're sadly so right in that these pics may be the only proof of their existence. You sound like a very special person! Keep up the good work... the world needs more of you xx PS... The story about steven made me laugh mid-cry.... how gorgeous xx Sorry, was too moved by the content to critique the actual site LOL
Yes..much better. the banner at the bottom helps tie the site together. I don't remember if you had the gallery link on the individual photos before, if not.. works as a next button. Great site!

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