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My FIRST WEDDING for 2006!


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Jun 28, 2005
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I had a wedding on saturday 4th March and i was so nervous because this is my first REAL paid wedding ever where the couple was NOT related in anyway through friends or family. So i couldnt sleep the night before nor did i stop worrying about what might go wrong.

Here is their online gallery. Please tell me if its bad or not. I really hope the couple likes it. It was only a small intimate wedding and i was only needed for 4 hrs.


i hope they are good enough :wink: :wink:
Outstanding! I love the shots. You've captured the emotion of the event pefectly. Your processing is some of the best I've seen in a while. What do you use for B&W converstion?
You did a fantastic job, I would have never guessed this was your first 'real' wedding. I love the professional touch of taking pictures of not only the people, but as well as the surroundings, the items etc.
Of the groups, my favourite photos are probably 49, 55, 80, 114, 135, 151 and 152.
Great job :)
The photos are absolutely wonderful. Very nice work.
Fantastic job! I am sure the couple will love these!
oh thanks so much for looking and commenting. I was so scared the couple might hate it!
I use PS for my b/w conversion, if you want more info, ill be happy to give them to you.
Beautiful use of available light. Hope you had a great time. :)

bellaPictures said:
So i couldnt sleep the night before nor did i stop worrying about what might go wrong.
You only had to worry if you did sleep the night before. :lol:
I'd be interested to know about your B&W conversion technique as well, cause I can never get it to look right. Excellent pictures btw.
I think you did an amazing job, way to capture the day! I would be very satisfied with portraits like these for my own wedding (if only they were that good!) You do a great job with the light, I am very impressed.
:thumbup: Very nice shots all around. For your 1st real wedding they are excellent. Looks like you had some harsh lighting to deal with and got a few blowouts but other than that (5 stars)
i think the only ones i didn't like were the ones where i thought i could see your shadow, other than that, i thought they were terrific... great job, i hope they are happy because you do good work... better than the photos we got from our wedding and they were pretty good.

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