My first wedding (I was a nervous wreck!)


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Aug 5, 2003
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Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine called and said, "We didn't hire a wedding photographer, would you mind bringing your camera and taking some photos for us?" I reluctantly agreed (there's no pressure like photographing a wedding!) Luckily for the bride and groom, (but even luckier for me) they turned out fairly good!

I was so RELIEVED!

I have a Cannon AE-1 Program and shot all of these pics with a bare 55mm lens.

This little success has inspired me to consider a career as a photographer but I'll need some training and a lot more practice before I'd have the confidence to charge for my work. If you are a professional photographer, I'd appreciate some advice on how to get started!

I put together this website as a little gift to the bride. Please take a look at the pictures and let me know what your objective opinions are. What did I do well? What could I do better next time?



Here are a few thumbnails from the website...

i would have been a nervous wreck :eek: ... i love the little girl with the flowers, no "technical critique", it just looks so refreshing :)

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