My First Wedding

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Jan 18, 2006
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Port Angeles, WA
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I took these Saturday at my cousins wedding. It was the first wedding that I have been the official photographer (due to financial issues not my experience or skill level) and there are things I am happy with and things I cannot stand. The outside shots of the family I am very happy with. Most shots inside really do not make me happy at all. I wont post those at this point.




I wish I had not agreed to do this. I enjoyed it for the most part but the fact that my aunt did not take time to sit and look at the photos before I left (5 hour trip both days) really got to me. Also, while at the reception I was told by the lady across the table that she was asked first and that my cousin practically begged her to do it but she just could not. That made me feel great.
Nice shots .... i am a bit obsessed with CLOSE UPS but when i look @ the dress i really enjoy the full-length shots...still, looks like nice detail on her bodice so hope you got a close up of that xx

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