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May 18, 2006
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A fern

A bee macro (theres a flower!)

A yellow flower

A blue flower
So you want critique, not only claps on your shoulder?
OK, the first is too dark and shows camera shake. It must have been dark where you tried to get this close to the fern ... it might have been better to come back on another day with the sun out or so?

I recognise the bee from the macro-thread. No need to comment on that again. I liked it in the other thread, too.

The third is too dark again, and even if that one - to me all unattractive since it is already way past its prime, but that is just me, so don't listen here - flower on the right might be in focus, the entire pic is so busy and the background so "alive" that even the flower in focus seems blurred (to my old eyes).

The blue flower is lovely, it stands out very nicely agains the green background, focus and exposure are very right, and I am still debating with myself whether I find the red flower in the background distracting or not...

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