My friend, the chaffinch


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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He came to feed on the now almost green again lawn and I captured him with my 300mm lens (it is in a good mood for the time being) - he saw me and came to explore, but then realised it was ME to take his picture and off he went (all photos taken through the glass of our window, all photos cropped, too):



geating better!! looks like a slow shutter speed?? Dim light and a long lens don't work well together, but I like to shots. looks like some feed there, cool! Is that still snow on the ground?
Yes, that is still snow, but by tonight even that will be gone. Thankfully we are going through a serious thaw (about time!), though more cold weather has been forecast :(.
And yes, that is a bit of bird food that I put out on the snow when it was still there.
And yes, it was not too bright earlier today when the finch came this close and I had time to flop myself on my belly and take these through my flower bench (and he still noticed me! :irked: ;)). So I had to take these at 1/40 and the widest open aperture. Let's hope the sun will come out and I can use a shorter speed - provided he comes back...

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