My Grandfather


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May 13, 2005
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... tales of partition (india/pak)
...... of the simple life
......... and of how he met his wife! :wink: (i think he's worn that ring for over 54 years)
yep that's my grandad... a charming 88 y o man! My grandparents just moved in with us and i tried a few shots when my cousin (their other granddaughter) visited us for a day from bombay on sunday.
I dont know why but this shot stood out for me more then the faces ...
... hope this is appropriate posting in here


thanks for looking :)
hi mansi
i also find this shot most interesting...but i feel once ppl see this then u should post some of the others too....all of them r realy nice...
keep shooting:-D
great detail here mansi, nicley captured shot :thumbup: :mrgreen:
Very nice Mansi! I believe it to be more than appropriate that it is posted here. Great shot with a lot of feeling. :thumbsup:
That's a very cool shot, Mansi. Glad you posted it. Now let's see the others you took!
thanks everyone for the comments :) appreciate it mucho!

yeh kunal and anti... will post the rest int eh snap section ... almost 3 am here and i need some sllleeeeeeep.... will post later
thanks again for th e comments :)
lovely texture and the composition coupled with the lighting really hilights your grandfather's expressive hands....well done mansi :D I bet he loved the pic too.

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