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Apr 6, 2006
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I :heart: my Guitar

It was a cold, rainy day out, so I snapped some indoor pictures instead. Since my house is a mess right now, I figured some still-life close-ups would be good :lol:

And will someone with Photoshop skills help me with this one? I want to make the entire background black on this little "fleet"
Cool shots. Nice guitar too.
I hope this is what you wanted.

Thanks! Yours turned out a lot crisper than my attempts. I was making a screensaver for my husband... wanted to make it look like his fleet was actually in space

This was my attempt:

Now I'm not sure... which one looks more space-like?
Beautiful guitar you've got there! Nice photos too :)

Timmy P
If you'd like when I get home today I can make it look like its flying through space. I just didn't know what u wanted with it so I left it black.
Go for it! Feel free to mess with it as you like. :)
MyCameraEye said:
That guitar looks a lot like my Taylor 414 Grand Aut.

It's actually an Alvarez... very similar in style, though
(the Alvarez)
(the Taylor)

Sorry... I'm totally off-topic now! :lol:
Love the second to last one of just the fret, the dof is great, and the image draws a lot of attention, well done.

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