My last pro gig 2

Hertz van Rental

We're supposed to post photos?
Nov 8, 2004
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Where am I now?
Just a couple more I've found.
None of the interesting ones of the film actually being made of course, but better than nothing.

The publicity shot for the film with the two main actors


The famous cameo guest (well famous to British audiences) with the girls. These girls were all my students whom I managed to wangle jobs for as work experience. They were all little stars (funny how I got all the attractive students....)


And Gary Lineker again (everyone wanted to have their photo taken with him) with my two sons. They are older now, of course, and the blonde one is 6'7" :lol:

I like the character of the first pic with the two actors, nicely exposed too.... and wow did you get the good looking students.... bet Gary was loving it! rubbing shoulders with the famous tho hertz, i'm impressed.... :thumbup:
wow...Terry Jones!... one of my all time favs (most englishmen would agree)...huge python fan. yep im impressed more, did you ever get to meet any of the others in the team?.... good to see some of your stuff, dig out some'ore!
Hertz van Rental said:
If you want to be impressed some more, dig out my sofa pics in the Theme Gallery ;)

now that'll be a treat! ;)

love the series Graham...especially the first. :thumbup:
way to go!! i love these...and just so happens you got all the pretty girls...your so the lucky one!!!

great shots hertz..!

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