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Jul 30, 2007
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Hey guys!

Decided to share some of my latest HDR work with you all here, a few scenes taken in different places in the last couple of months.
Thoughts or feedback are always appreciated!
More of my work can be found on my links below. Hope you enjoy :)

Hi NoamC thanks for posting. Overall I like your work. I will offer you some feedback on each image:

#1 the reflection of the boat is neat. The scene and colors are good. The processing left some noticeable halos in the sky especially around the left side of the frame. The scene is bordering on too busy as is. The boat on the left of the frame doesn't add much, and is cut in half anyway. I would consider cropping it out. The sky appears unnatural with the sepia tones and scattered cyans as well.

#2 great implementation of HDR. Great emotive scene, good framing, good processing.

#3 you nailed it with the composition. The warmth in the processing works well with scene. Minor quibble would be some local brightness to the left of the statues arm (haloing from the HDR process possibly). Easy fix, superb image nonetheless .

#4 Its a shame the trees end and bring your eye right to the side of a wall. The trees and eerie buildings on either side are nice, something just doesn't click to put this on the level of your previous two images. I'm curious what the scene would look like with a good BW conversion.

#5 this is probably your strongest image barring some major HDR processing flaws. The clouds have a silty look to them, often an easy fix by moving the highlight smoothing slider in Photomatix to the right. It also appears there is some ghosting in the clouds from the clouds moving as you shot the scene.

The sunburst is beautiful, the angle is great. The colors are good. I'd give this one another shot at processing.

#6 it's a nice scene, well processed. Just doesn't have much to it.

Rotanimod, Thanks alot for taking the time to write a detailed rewiew. Apprciate it!

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