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Dec 6, 2007
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Calgary, AB
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This is my cousin! He lives in Oklahoma and we're travelling down there for Christmas, so other ideas on how to photograph him/get him to sit still long enough to photograph him would be cool too if you have 'em. :p

C&C appreciated! Shot with ISO 400 film, Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F, 50mm lens. I can't remember the shutter speed or DOF! :(
I might suggest chloroform for the stillness issue.

For the photographic issue, I think that you may have missed focus on this one. It looks like the primary in focus part is partway down his head.

Post larger pictures, yours are too small to see - see the guidelines.
I will as soon as I can- my old computer crashed so the only copy of this picture I have is from when I uploaded it to the web. :(

And haha! Somehow I think his mom might have a problem with that... :D
The focus isn't that problematic, the eyes are adequately sharp.

Although it could use more pop, the personality is there.
He's got a lot of it, for sure. I love taking his picture.

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