My Micro Shots

Great shot. I've been chasing bees all over my wife's garden and can't get them to light long enough to focus on them. How do you do it?
Thanks everyone.... :D

I moved some stuff around on my webpage, so the link I sent may not work... This one should

While I was fishing this dragon fly was just buzzing around me so I took its picture... I stood still long enough for me to focus. :roll: so I guess I was lucky

:shock: phil
Very nice!
My favorite is 1b but was the camera handheld or on a tripod and was the camera on auto or did you dial-in the settings?
If that was handheld I'm even more impressed.
Good stuff though.
Thanks… This was done without a tripod, and a fishing pole under my arm. I took a total of 6 photos these came out the best. I touched up photo “1b” in photoshop (photo “1a” was the original).


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