My Pic made front page in The Herald - Scottish Paper

Sweet! Congratulations!!! :thumbup:
Wow, this is great!
And you are only 14 :shock: ... where will you end when you are grown-up when even now your photo(s) make the front page!?!?!? Congratulations! I am in awe!
Nice one mate, take it this was taken during last night?

Was out and about and was considering the possibility of taking some shots myself, never got round to it though. Looks like a belter though.
Lesjordans said:
Ohh your from Glasgow, aye you should of went out, it was fantastic and lasted for ages =-)

Aye unfortunately just couln't manage to get a hold of my gear :grumpy:

What set-up did you use to take it then? Just out of curiosity ;)
That is AWESOME that your pic made the front page. How exciting. And I love the pic, as I'm one of those people who have wanted to get a good lightning shot, but have never managed it.

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