My pictures are so bad...

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by nae, Dec 9, 2017.

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    Hi nae,

    Your composition is all right! Great start. I'll echo Derrel and say these are not awful.

    Here are two things I recommend:

    1. If you have an ultrawide or fisheye lens on, which some distortion in the first few images seems to show, take that off and put a regular 18-55 or maybe a 40 or 50 prime on. And use that for awhile.

    2. If you've been fiddling with your images in post, don't do that for awhile. Work on getting the color, lighting, white balance etc. looking right in the image as you take it. I do almost nothing in post except maybe a horizon leveling on occasion. I want my images to be as I took them. Sure, I miss out on the split focus with the sky being amazing and the ground being amazing, but that's OK...I know how to get the effect I want out of the camera and lens I'm using rather than depending on a program in post to fix my lack of knowledge or errors.

    Doing both these things will help you improve quickly. You're already off to a good start!

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    I think you should try to simplify things a bit, both when it comes to shooting-style and composition.

    Try to focus on having a clear subject and avoid clutter that fights for the viewers attention. Objects with a clear front and back, especially if they're moving, will in most cases look best if they have some negativ space in front of them, or else it will look like they're on their way out of the frame. Take for example the photography of the Defender; a few steps to your left and both the car in the back and the blue container would have been out of frame or hidden behind the Defender. From there you could choose to either take a step or two closer and focus on som smaller details of the car, or take a few steps back and have the car entering the frame.
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    I think the composition is what throws off the images for me. If you are using a wide angle lens then get closer to the subject. For the defender image consider something like focusing on the grill. The dumpster in the background draws the eye. For the boat image I would suggest the same thing. Get closer to the boat. Try to get some of the foreground out of the image. For the two statues, there is too much stuff in the background. The minivan is distracting. Again, look at moving closer to the subject. Your technical skills are spot on. The images are sharp. Keep trying new things.
    Lastly, try taking more images of the same thing from different angles. I find that it sometimes helps to get a different perspective.

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