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Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by mrodgers, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Looking for some feedback here. I put a quick photo gallery together with Simple Viewer. Wondering how it does for viewing. (just an amateur hobbyist here, nothing professional)

    My gallery

    Is it quick enough? Too slow? Too simple? Organization good? I would like to do some type of main page, but haven't gotten that far yet. There's not a terrible lot of photos up yet, I'm still sorting and editing/resizing. I'm thinking though, that it is a little slow, at least at work it was (slow connection at work).

    I would prefer to use Lightroom Gallery to create it, but I'm parsing my photos from my Photobucket account. Anyone know if you can grab photos from Photobucket to use in the code Lightroom creates instead of needing to upload them into the same web server?

    The sad part is, most of my good photos come from back before I got into photography more than just snapshooting. Most of the photos I have uploaded now are from my 2 MP Fuji 2650 from years ago. I use to have a bike and rode nearly every weekend. My camera was always hanging around my neck under my jacket and on the bike, I could stop anywhere I wanted for a photo op without my vehicle being in the way. Just no time nowadays to be out specifically for photography.


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