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Mar 7, 2006
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Hey everyone! Took these today and would love to get your thoughts on them. Can't wait to hear! :)



I like the color in #3. I think you need to adjust the contrast on your B&W photos. They just seem very bright. Also, #2/#3 both have distracting sunlight coming right into the camera. #3 might be because of a window? I think that kind of ruins the shots. If you converted #1 to color you would have a nice shot.
Dunno what that guys smoking, I think they're great shots.

Especially #2.
LOL!! Thank you hammy! As for your comments hyporbyte, I'm a little confused on some of the things you mentioned. In number three, it's suppost to be a little bit of an abstract shot, and it was taken outside, so how could there be a window there? I was really focusing on using the sunlight in interesting ways with these shots, and I thought I had done it in a way that was interesting not distracting, but hey...everyone is entitled to there own opionions...I was even asking for them! LOL! The b&w shots aren't suppost to be true b&w's, they have sepia toning mixed with b&w. I would love to hear some other comments, as the opinion is now split 50/50!!! Thanks everyone!

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