My sister Christiane is sending her regards!


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Feb 1, 2004
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To some here, she is known in person as Christiane, i.e. to all those who met her at the First European TPF Meet-Up in Saffron Walden, UK last year in August. To some she may still be known as "LaFoto'sSister" as who she signed up here upon my insistance ... but she stopped posting any photos in about November or so, having to "work too much" all the time - so she claimed.

And I fear she might have been right, or she did too many other things besides work (8 hours+ every day) --- whatever is the reason for it that on Thursday, 2 March, she suddenly felt something strange in her chest, decided to admit herself to hospital right after work (by bike!), and to be diagnosed nothing "less" but a heart attack.

She had to stay in the ICU for a couple of days, got a STENT implantate into the blocked-off coronary artery, and WOULD have been able to go home on the Tuesday after that, if not something had gone very wrong upon pulling out the ... whatever it is through which the heart catheter and STENT went in through her groin artery ... so she lost an awful lot of blood (1 1/2 litres) both into her leg/groin (inside) and her bed...

That is why she was still in hospital when I went to my home-town last weekend, and that is why this photo had to be taken in her very hospital bed. She is fine now, her leg is still all colours, but it's getting better, and next Tuesday she will set out on her 3-weeks after treatment in a recreational home on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom (very close to where Mentos lives, actually). I asked her permission to post this photo along with her regards to you and only got it yesterday morning, but then we had to leave for my mother-in-law's funeral, so I can only post it now.


She might have to learn to work a little less and put a lot less stress on herself in those three weeks up there on Usedom... and then, who knows? She might instead be on TPF a lot more!?!?!? Now that would be nice, I say!
Do most members no longer know her?
HI Corinna, I'm so glad that she's on the mend - and gets a three week holiday out of it as well!!

Give her my best wishes next time you see her, and tell her to take it easy, life is too short to kill yourself with work.

Ditto what Tony said. I know all about working too hard. Tell her to rest up, take things easy and get well soon! I'm sure she'll be bouncing back in no time. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Of course I remember her, Corinna. I'm glad that she's getting better. I also bet that's it's been very difficult for you as well. How about taking the doctor's advice for yourself too and get some rest and try to take it easy. :hug::
I'm very sorry to hear all of what she has gone through, and we absolutely remember her and wish her a full and quick recovery!

Send her our thoughts and wishes!
hey! It's less than 2 hours drive from me!!!! Big hug from me!
Wishing her the very best!!
Thank you all so much for your well-wishes and regards. I'll relay them to her so she'll also become aware of this! Thanks in her name, too!

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