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Aug 8, 2007
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Knoxville, TN
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I just recently got two sets of lights and decided to practice on my sis and brother in law. Please C&C I am still working on getting the lights placed in the right spot. Thanks!

How close were the lights to your subjects? What kind of lights? This photo looks underexposed. Also be careful about glare on his glasses and about having the closest thing to the camera (his arm) being brighter than the rest of the shot. I would also shoot from a higher angle, to get rid of your sister's double chin. ;) Move further away from the background so that the creases don't show as much. (I use an electric steamer to steam out folds as the fabric is hanging. It's a life saver!)
What about focus? From his shoulder backwards, focus look okay, but his face doesn't seem very sharp. Or is it my eyes again?

There is a definite shadow in front of him. Where did you locate your lighting for this shot? Main looks above and in front of the subjects and camera right. Where's the other?
as for the blur i am afraid that is my editing i am gonna change the one posted
Better on the blur, still dark to me. Why is the light all the way over to the right?? Wheres the other one?
And ditto to the other posters. Whenever I use a black backdrop I try not to do any back lighting, I like it to be flat and boring especially when dealing with wrinkles. The steamy or a few mins in a nice hot dryer usually knock those puppy's out.
Not big on the plant or the comp of this photo either.
Just a quick edit. I adjusted using Levels, burned the background, and dodged her face a bit, as well as burned his forearm a tad and cropped it to get rid of the huge expanse of background. It's not a perfect edit, just one to give you an idea. :)


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