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Oct 2, 2005
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This time IM using my new baby :) These are done in front of a window, stil a little dark inside.. The first two are BLAH... BUT I think I like the second two.. What are your thoughts?





Lens 50mm 1.4 dont remember the settings on these though..
they look good. congrats on the new camera
that first one is really doin it for me, i don't know why maybe it's the expression? but yeah, great photos.
Wow THANKS!! WOO HOO.. HERE is one that I Cloned.. :)

Well, I find the second view to be very compelling. A bit more of the torso showing and interesting expression. (Good lookin' kid, BTW) Mostly, I think it's the higher angle of view that I like. Did you move the camera up or his chin down?


Thanks every one...

Pete, I asked him to move so I try different angles on his face etc.. Then I moved back just a smidge on the second one..
Totally dig the "natural" expressions going on. None of the "oh no, mom's got her camera out again" or "quick! look silly so she'll go away" kinda stuff. Great compositions.........only thing I'd tweak a little is warming them all up just a tad. But that might also be the difference between our monitors so who knows.

And I have to ask, if you don't mind. What's going on with his eyebrow? Scar, birthmark, new gradeschool gang thing? ;)

Softening them up... can you help on how to do that? I willy give it a try...

Scar on the eye brow... OUCH! at the age one.. he was visiting with Grandma 3,000 miles away while I was at home taking care of a newborn...

Running around playing having a great old time... He fell down and scratched his eye brow pretty darn hard on the coffee table... There are sharp corners on that thing... NOW IF I were there.. would that have happened? Heck NO>... I dont think so.. *THINK* is the key word.. I think I cried for an hour after I saw his eye.. lol...
These are nice, do you mind me playing (if so, let me know, I will take it down). There is a huge cyan color cast to these photos. I have a Nikon D70 as a backup camera, so I worked with one for a long time, and it is notorious for color casts... generally speaking, if I set the Auto WB to -2 it helped a bit.

While this isn't a perfect fix, it may help your eye to see the color cast... I know it took me a while to start really seeing it. A clue to it is usually in the whites of the eyes. Whatever color you see in the whites of the eyes usually show what the color cast is.

ETA: Sorry, I just realized this is an older post... I happened upon it while browsing, and I am really not sure how I got here now... lol! :D


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