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May 13, 2005
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Wheeee so i finally got to shoot after 1.5 months!!! :hail:
it was a great time even though the pics may be crappola:lmao:
Went out to shoot with 8 photogs... my photog mentor/guru including a few of his photog buds and kunal, andother friend and myself the amateurs.

so wake up was at 6am
6.30 driving thru the roads of delhi when this signage was spotted by kunal :lol: read carefully



3 7am waited for a few others at the blue domed round about.. got out of the car and snapped a few pics


4 went to the humayuns tomb...




7 the grave of a king/emperor for my darkside friends:mrgreen:


8 9am went to the multiplex/shoppoing place to grab some coffee



kunal again... spotted 2 ladies and a kid eating icecream outside mcdonalds at 9.30 am ( i dont think they open that early toh!:er: )

10 the ice cream is very overexposed! the kid was cute... carrot in one hand and wanting the ice cream from his momma


i've just about been back for an hour, hasty post process etc etc are to show for it ;)
the pics may not be that nice but i had a really awesome time getting back to the camera :cheer:

Hope you guys have a great Sunday! and happy easter :hugs:
Ok Mansi,
The first shot has got me rolling around on the floor. The second one is showing me motion as to move from the second to the third shot. #3&4 are very nice and 5&6 are excellent great perceptive here and loving the color and the arch in #6. #7 has the light in the dark side of things, very cool and #8&9 is Mansi shopping, cool retail shots love the angles on the coffee cups and #10 classic Mansi!!! Excellent work!! :thumbup: :hail:
Thanks a lot Randog for the awesome reply! :D :cheer:
hey, glad to see you out and about again mansi!, and with a great series here....... good some good perspectives, and i'm lovin the tomb shot ;) ... good stuff :thumbup:
thanks a lot arch :)
I'm happy for you and that you can finally venture out again with your sore knee and foot ... hope it'll heal nicely and you'll soon be out on foot again as well!

Now I really like the photos 5 and 7 and your collages! They work nicely the way you did them up.

And one Mansi-street pic in the last, very cute.
We were "Mansi-photo-deprived" here!
From now on you will get out more?

Well, you helped us over this with your rural school pics, that is good! :D
i love the 4th and 5th picture..

great image man..

how I wish i could visit the place as you do..

I envy you man..ahehehe

keep it up!
OK...i will restrain myself from referring to the black eyed peas in any way in this thread :p

these are cool mansi :D i've been hoping you'd post some shots showing the 'other' side of delhi/india. We only seem to ever see the harsh reality of how ppl live on the street, which is cool because we should all be aware of the daily hardships of life there for the majority of ppl.
A lot of ppl tho have misconceptions that that is all there is....start spreadin the word that there is a modern side to life in India! :thumbsup:
You make a great ambassador for your country.

Love the lil carrot crunchin monkey! :lol: what a lil cutie
thanks a lot Corinna - i've had a VERY happy day cuz i've been out shooting :cheer: yes better now and healing.. but i'd give it another month to get out shooting serious street :) thanks for your comments, appreciate them very much :)

thanks monicam for looking and commenting

thanks Jk - i SO know what you mean about perceptions!

an incident that happened with a friend studying in the UK
he went to a pub or a club and he was asked to produce an id (as he does look kind of young, 21 really) and he produces his indian drivers license... and the guy goes.. 'WTF is this?'... my friend says 'umm my indian drivers license'... and the boucers reply : 'DUDE they drive cars there?'
:shock: jeez like wake up :lol: he felt like smacking him
i SO know what you mean coz ppl go thru it everyday! The other side ought to be seen by more people!
Thanks a lot for looking and commenting.. appreciate it

and here's another pic

thanks both of you :D
Yeaaaahhhh! Mansi's back shooting!! Nice series. I really like the tomb shot(s) and the late add-in shot. We want more more MORE.

[I can't believe the ignorance of the bouncer in your story. But I guess that type still exists.]

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