My Weekend So Far (5 Pics)


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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
well this is my weekend before the weather went all nasty!

The Cherub:

Tom Aston (I have no idea who he was, just passed this place yesterday and asked to take a couple of shots):

Dem Bones:

Dirty Lilly (very phallic!):

Taking the kids to school:

All comments and crit more than welcome as always!!
I like the first shot very much. The last one is a good motif/motive (english?), but it is a bit out of focus.. Can you meet them again? :)
Thanks Foffen :) The first is my favourite of the weekend, as for the last one, I wouldn't mind reshooting but the weather here is due to be terrible for the next few weeks so it might be some time...
Thanks guys! Those were the shots I thought I might have over saturated a bit, maybe I should stop being so gentle with that slider...
the babies are hillarious, those friggin things move fast when they want to....

but when theres like 50 cars coming they go slow...... go figure.....
First it seems to me a great photo, is without a doubt the one that I like more. A greeting from Spain.

La primera me parece una gran foto, es sin duda la que más me gusta. Un saludo desde españa.
Yeah, those things can run real fast when they want to as I found out when I tried to get in close to them!

Thanks for the coments guys! :) I must admit that although I love taking shots of graffiti I always wonder if it's just plagerism ;)

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