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    OK, so I've just recently gotten into SLR photography so I am kind of new to that, but have been interested in photography for a long time. I'm starting to build a portfolio for customers to look at before deciding on me, though there is not alot in my area to get good shots of. Tonight my buddy from work is playing in his band and wants me to take some shots of them so he can decide if they would like to use me from now on since their other guy is unreliable. It's an outside gig and since it will be dark outside at 11pm, with only stage lighting, it's going to be a first for me. I was out last night taking some night photos and they turned out great so I have no worries. Another first for me this year will be my first wedding shoot as I'm the photographer at my mothers' wedding. I'm IN the wedding so my cousin will be taking pics during the ceremony, (God help them!) but MY role will come right after its over. Does anyone here have any suggestions as to what they would focus on for the wedding pics? I'm planning to focus mainly on them, the cake, their champagne glasses, and misc. stuff. I believe it will go just fine as they both know it will be my 1st wedding and it will just be my gift to them, they are not paying for it. Any and all help here will be appreciated! Thank you, Jeff


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