N75 + 28-100mm lens ... bought with the change in my pocket


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Aug 23, 2010
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Cape Town
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I saw this available second hand and decided I have to have it! I might even try to shoot some film again!

Thoughts on the lens as I have not had an opportunity to try it yet!
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i've never had the opportunity to shoot with that lens, but the awesome thing about your film camera is that it will work with G lenses as well!!!!!! my f90x and n8008x although high up in the feature range do not work great with G lenses.

I would maybe invest in some personal film developing and blackand white film. For about $100 bucks you can get 100ft of film, film winder, film loader blackout sleeve thingy, empty film reels, chemicals. If you have a scanner you are set to do your own black and white developing. I didnt get too much satisfaction just shooting a roll of color and dropping it off at wally world and waiting for the results. Home developing was fun, messy, you may not have perfect results but i'll guarantee you'll have fun.
That is what I was thinking. In fact, I got talking to my partner about shooting with film. It is scary!

We now have the luxury of reviewing our results immediately - histograms, highlight view, delete, shoot again. I have no knowledge of how to judge light - I aim and meter in camera, shoot a test shot and check the histogram, the highlights, and the overall appearance in the review screen. I then make adjustments based on that and start over. Repeat until it appears OK - I then shoot only until conditions change, when I start all over again.

I can't imagine shooting a wedding on film! Too much depends on getting it right, and yet - I started out, years ago, with film and a built in meter. I suppose I then too did some of the same things: metered for what I wanted to be correctly exposed, but had not way to check until the roll were developed. Just continued shooting and hoping for the best. And somehow my photos came out more or less correctly exposed!

Digital allows you so much freedom, it feels like cheating!
pretty much, i actually dont shoot film as much as i thought i would. the big hindrance for me is scanning the film. i dont mind the scratches and dust on the film that much but water spots drive me insane, i dont think its worth it to shoot color. Digital cameras give sooo much control over final image even after the picture is taken that film just seems like a chore sometimes. I'll shoot film maybe once or 2x a year, and only because i have 100ft rolls lying around.
I always wanted a Nikon film camera and bought two on Ebay, one with 50 and 35-80 lens and one body for backup. Nikon EM, but still Nikon. I think "film" photographers are better photographers because you have to "know what you're doing". Digital people just snap away and delete what they don't want. film requires more "planning", forethought, etc. Plus you're limited by how many shots you can take without reloading. Some digital photogs are excellent, don't get me wrong, but I bet a lot of them started with film. Big problem with film, it costs more to get processed, plus finding a local spot that developers onsite and doesn't have to send off for a week.

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