Namaste from India, from an Indian.. :)


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Jan 11, 2012
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Pune, Maharashtra, India
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A very warm hello to all in my native language Hindi, in the form 'Namaste'. I am a hobbyist photographer, yet love to look at the world through the lens at any given point of time. I work full time with Ubisoft Games, and if and when possible, switch to clicking pictures of anything and everything possible. Feel free to look around my pictures in the link below(my website actually)

Do leave behind comments, critique of any kinds in my inbox or in the comments section on my website, would love to hear from you pros :D

Gulshan G.

P.S. For folks who are into reading, I write as well, so feel free also to look around my written reviews/articles.. cheers :D
Good Morning - I'd like to see what your photos look like but the idea here is to post a few photos to this site rather than a link to yours, and then the comments from the members here appear on this you want to try it that way? You an also add your site lnk to your signature in Profiles.

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