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Jul 27, 2008
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So my friend was ranting on how Nikon is just SOO much better than Canon. Personally I feel neither is that much better than the other, but my personally preference is Canon. So in his rant he was saying that Nikon is the more popular by a long shot in National Geographic, modeling, etc. and he included Leica and Hasselblad in there as well, but basically the way he was saying it is that Canon's are hardly used because Nikon's are just so much better, then he tells me to get a degree in Photography before I start talking, he can be a little arrogant at times lol, i got him going by making fun of Nikon, just for the fun of it, it's entertaining to get him worked up :p. but he said the only place you find Canon's are in sports. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how close to the truth his statements are. my top 5 favorite landscape photographers just so happen to use Canon, coincidence, so I'd assume they are more common than he's making them out to be. i would guess that it's a pretty even mix between the two. so if any one could shed some light on the topic that'd be great, even pointing me into the direction of further readings would be much appreciated, thanks.
I shoot Nikon.....and I'd tell him to stick his degree and his camera right up the patootie.

This is a overcooked debate, and its ...well...quite useless. WHO CARES. Shoot what you like, when you like and with whatever you like. There's photographers better than me, you and that idiot, and some shoot canon, and some shoot nikon, and some shoot $40,000 Hassleblad 35mp Large Format Digital...whoopty doo.
I can't agree more with bd here. And it's simply impossible for him to know what the majority of photojournalists shoot. I personally know about the same amount of nikon photojs as I do canon photojs.

And you can tell exactly where to stick that degree. Photography is one of the few fields where a portfolio outshines a degree everyday of the week. Many of the top photographers in the world right now don't even have degrees in photography. I finished school with plenty of other kids who got their photo degrees and most of them are either amateur on their best days or don't eve work in the field.

His throwing out a statement like that makes me think he's probably incredibly insecure about his abilities.
well i was watching a video filmed in Afghanistan and the guy clearly had a Canon 70-200 f/2.8 (i couldn't tell if it was IS or no lol). So if I find that clip I'll post the link and you can show it to him ;)
Yeah, Ansel Adams.
He learned with a Kodak Brownie and learned darkroom working part-time at a photo finisher.
Hmm, my wife got a Degree in Photography ... I took 1 year of a 2 year certificate course in College ... she admits it was a waste of time, as she was not taught any useful skills, which I was taught in one year.

I know that Camera Manufactures provide free or discounted equipment to high profile photographers (hmm such as athletes) ... so NG photographers appear to have been given some goodies by Nikon.

I think the only way this post could be any harder to read would be if it were all in caps. I got to "Xbox360" and gave up.
A tongue in cheek answer to the OP in a similar literary style.

BTW--to the OP: j/k :cheers:
yea, pretty much how i view the topic. he went to Columbia in Chicago for Animation(flash) and Photography, so I'm thinking that put a big head on him lol. we work at a web firm, he's 28, I'm 18, so I think the age difference might play in there too. we do as seen on tv products websites and sometimes we do photoshoots for the products. he'll take 15 minutes to do what should take 15 seconds...then i ask him what's taking so long, and he tells me i wouldn't know, go take a class then come talk to him. lol. i've done photoshoots with my camera when he wasn't present, it's really not difficult at all lol, get white paper, set product down, focus and shoot, that's basically it. so i'll tell him he's an idiot, but I'll only get entertainment value out of it lol, i guess he's got too thick of a scull to understand :p
No offense to you intended, but your friend sounds like a total d-bag. Go find another photo friend who's less of a pompous @$$.
he's really only like that when you talk photog with him, a few other things, but overall he's not too bad. i def would not do a photoshoot of any kind with him though...too much headache with his ego...
Sorry guys but my camera-room with the walls covered with paper that has been painted with emulsion and a hole drilled in the far wall from the 19th century just owns your dinky hand-cameras!!!

You're not a real photographer unless you've shot film at one point or another and at that point... who cares which model camera you use, you'll all get equally nice pictures no matter what model. I'll take a Leica M3 though thanksverymuch :D

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