Nat'l Wildlife refuge locator

to the mod who moved this. its not a discussion topic it is a RESOURCE link. at least move it using some logic! I still believe it is applicable to about 90% of nature-wildlife photographers and maybe 5% to all the others. Sometimes ya jes gotta think it out!
Well at least one seen it and used it, but a hundred never will. :BangHead:
That would be me. Since by your own admission, it's not an image, it clearly doesn't belong in the galleries. I moved to "Discussions" NOT because I felt it was a topic for discussion, but rather because I KNOW that is a forum which sees a lot of traffic, and would thus garner more exposure for your link. I can move it to 'Articles of Interest' if you'd like, but I suspect it would be less visible. Let me know.
bumped this in case any missed the link in the shuffling

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