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    I am shooting for some camps and last week I got the challenge and joy of shooting inside a fire training survival house.

    Nearly no light besides some low blue light, and one low red light in another location. *Very* low light, to say the least.
    Close quarters (i.e. "caved in" roof).
    Fake smoke (flash reflects off it)
    Fast moving teens trying to break records

    I got some fun pics last time, but another shoot is Tuesday with a different group.

    I have a 5D MKII + kit lens
    85mm /f1.8 IS
    70-200 f/4L IS

    430EX speedlite (I think)

    So, I totally get I am not going to get high quality shots, best goal is fun shots...where you can actually see the kids face.

    Any ideas?


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