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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by mel02monroe, Jun 21, 2006.

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    You are a jerk. :grumpy: How dare you call someone names who is just learning the art of photography. I was the OP just a few months ago, and I got a similar reaction, although not as rude as you, and I am GLAD you never responded to me, and if you did I don't remember it.

    Furthermore, who are you to call this person a lazy or an idiot? You know nothing about them. Sure, they should probably learn what "those numbers at the end" mean, and I agree, but the very fact that they came seeking help is more to show that they are not LAZY.

    The OP, and I, were deluded to think a wedding photographer could start this business on a shostring budget. I am doing a wedding in May, because I was personally asked by the bride, for reasons I've got into before and I won't go into now. Will I advertise myself as a professional wedding photog after this? No. I won't.... but I am sure I will get another offer soon enough, and I'll take it on if it's something I think I can do!

    Also, everyone's list of what you "need" to be a professional photographer is different. For example I made over $1200 dollars in the last 3 months using a POINT AND SHOOT Canon A610:

    All of my business was word of mouth! The extent of my advertisement is a picture hanging at work with my phone number on it... I dont even have business cards!!!

    I will continue getting people contacting me about my services, and I explain to them I am an amatuer, and this is a hobby/side business and I charge only to cover my costs and time. (4 hour single person photo sessions for 50 - 75 dollars) I haven't had one complaint. Not one.

    Listen, I know I have a lot to learn still, and I think I udnerstand aperature and lighting more than the average person, and maybe more than the OP... but I am just starting, and you, and the rest of the people on this forum who think like you have NO business calling anyone names.

    Grow up. Offer advice or shut up... if you think the best advice is "I don't think you're ready for this" then say so, but don't call names.

    P.S. There should be a punishment for this type of behaviour.


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