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Apr 9, 2006
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what i am after is a digital camera that can compare to my 35mm Ricoh R1. i LOVED this camera i took it everywhere with me and was always impressed with the focus and colours. but what REALLY impressed me was the night time mode on the R1, where it used 2 seperate flashes to take the shot. this gave such a wonderful effect.

i have since moved onto digital [would prefer to stay on digital now] but havent been satisfied with the cameras ive owned whenever i compare them to my R1.

at the moment im using an IXUS 500, i am reasonably happy with this camera but when taking some outdoor shots the otherday then comparing with the R1 i was so dissapointed.

i am aware there is now a digital R1 but this is simply a rebrand isnt it? or am i mistaken

will the digital R1 live up to the 35mm R1.

im really looking for suggestions on small digital cams that can compare with the R1 or perhaps surpass it. the night mode is really important!!
If you are comparing image quality, you will need to spend a few thousand on a digital SLR camera, to get the quality of 35mm film.

If you are just looking for similar size & features, check out one of the review sites like or

Sony has a digital R1, is this what you are referring to? It's probably one of the best Digital "point & shoot" cameras available because it has a sensor that is the same size as that found in most DSLR cameras. Of course, it costs more than an entry level DSLR.
maybe the best thing to do is just suck up the processing costs of 35mm until i can get a point and shoot to compare with the R1 :/

i will look into the sony R1 though.

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