Need a new tripod...


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Mar 19, 2006
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Went to local camera store and found this one. Bogen Manfrotto DIGI Tripod w/ Ball Head 724B
, I love it. Going to work perfect for what I need it to do, which is nothing major, nothing overweight (300mm lenses tops) but they want 120 for it. Can someone tell me where to find it cheaper, or another model to look at. I need it kinda soon, warm weather is coming and I need it to play with my new Rebel XT. Thanks in advance.</IMG>
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I dont know how this is in the wrong forum, I need advice on a tripod, how people like it and so fourth, and if they dont like it why and what else they would recommend. But thanks for chimming in with no help to my question, or where the correct forum is :thumbup: .
Sorry, I was in a rush - just wanted to check out any new photos in the gallery. However all i found was your post about a tripod, so what I meant was, you've posted this in the wrong place, and to get the advice you want (which I can't give, sorry), you should have posted this in the Advice on Equipment forum.

Sorry about that :)

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