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May 10, 2003
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A good friend of mine has a dog training business and he needs to take pics of fast action (dogs jumping, attacking etc). He wants a digital camera in order to quickly send emails to customers and setup his biz website. But my Sony Mavica FD-83 does not has a sport or speed setting (or at least I haven't find it) , and the pics are blurred. Is there any good digital for this purpose? He is looking for an economical (low budget) model. He rarely prints them, and when he does, it is only up to 8x10 so I'm figuring out hi megapixels are not a must. Any suggestions?
I plan to visit him and take a roll on the SLR to see how fast a shutter he needs, but between you and me, I don't mix very well with attacking dogs....

That is going to be tough to find something that will do a good job on that sort of thing on a budget.

Hmmm with the release of the canon G5, perhaps some of the G2s that are still floating around may be picked up at a decent price?
Just how much $$$ is he looking to spend?
It'll make a big difference between say $300 and $700.
Anything below $300 is probably not worth considering.

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