Need advice on LED strips for DIY LED panels


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Nov 20, 2012
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I'm currently thinking of creating my own pair of LED panels using the LED strips, trying to replicate the kino flow effect, if need using difuse filters. I'm going for a pair of 1200 or 2400 LED panels depending on how many LED for a 5 meter reel. I would cut them in pieces per meter and hope to have 20 strips of 1 meter using four 5 meter roles for each panel. Then glue them to on a what correx sheet and maybe even glue aluminum paper on the flaps to reflect even more light.

I'm just haven't decided what kind LED strip I will use. I want to use LED strips that come as close to D65 as possible. And I also need them to be as bright as possible because I'm also using it for video productions.

First I thought I was going to use the super bright 5050 LED strips but now I read somewhere that the new ultrabright 3014 LED strips are even brighter. Does anyone have any advice which LED strips that are the brightest and might be better to use or even recommend a company that have good LED 5m reels? I hope to have them as cheap as possible, maybe imported from China. I need 8 300/600 LEDs in total with a 250$ budget.

Also most 5050 or 3014 LED reels only have 60 LED's per meter but I still hope to find reels that have 120 LED per meter, to have even more lumen. Or are those only for the 3825 LED strip reels?
Have you checked to see just what temperature light they put out?

The problem that you may run into is getting mixed light. Unless you have everything blocked out- a real pita- you can get bits and pieces of your subject in a different white balance and correcting that can be time consuming at the least.

There is a DIY for the Kino flows out there using the new florescent lighting and I think it said that you could get a set in for around $300 US.

I'm afraid you'll have to search it out your self, I didn't bookmark it.

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