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Discussion in 'Nikon Accessories' started by FahadAdnan, Jul 20, 2016.

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    I ordered TriggerTrap Mobile Kit (link 1 below) from Amazon UK for my Nikon D3200 but by mistake they sent me a wrong one - for Canon (below link 2). I don't have option to return it because I am based in Oman and I ordered and got it delivered to a friend's house in UK and then he sent me that through a firend ... so, sending it back will cost a lot.

    If anyone can please advise me about any adapter/converter which on one end can accommodate the cable I have (second picture) and on other, can be inserted into Nikon D3200 accessory terminal (first picture)
    If anyone knows what exactly the "accessory terminal" is called in technical jargon like "3.5 mm jack", "mini-USB" etc., that will also help because then I can go to local shops and tell them what exactly I am looking for.

    Really appreciate your help.

    1. Triggertrap MD3-DC2 Mobile Dongle Connecting Cable Kit: Camera & Photo
    2. Triggertrap Mobile Kit MD3-E3 for Canon, Samsung, Hasselblad and others

    2016-07-18 18.31.40.jpg 2016-07-18 18.32.37.jpg

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    I believe that accessory terminal is a proprietary thing from Nikon.

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