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Jan 28, 2006
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I recently bought a tripod from Jessops for around £60, it's their own brand (model: 327) (It's priced cheaper on their site:grumpy: )
Whenever I put my camera on the head, it tilts under the weight and i'm left looking at a very crooked horizon, It is a fault with the tripod although I no longer have the box for it so doubt I can return it.

Anyway, before I go and buy a new one I was hoping for some recommendations, I don't mind spending a little more than I did on this one and I would like something with roughly the same features and height (except spirit level).

Thank you,
I recently bought a 150cm Adox brand tripod from these people:

It cost £38 but was reduced from about double that because of a fault with the spirit level. It is virtually all aluminium, very solid, and the head looks like either a very close copy of an older Manfrotto model, or possibly a rebadged Manfrotto. Who cares, it's a good head and at that price you can't go wrong.

Look in the studio & darkroom menu on the website.

Cheers Thom I'll take a look, the head on my Jessops is tacky plastic so really bendy. I will be looking for an aluminium one.
Good quality heads often come separate from the legs...but be prepared to spend some money to get a good one.

There are three main criteria. Weight, Sturdiness & Affordability (price). You can usually get two out of three...but not all three.

Manfrotto is a big name in the tripod world. Great equipment, check it out.

I've got a Velbon (440, I think). It's a cheap one with built-in plastic head but it works good and is light. Not very sturdy though.

I've also got some Manfrotto legs and a Camron ball head that are much more sturdy but quite heavy.

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