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Feb 2, 2012
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I am doing a photography contest for my school district. And i need people help on the photo i need to submit. Here are some photos that you can see on here. Here is the rest of the link for the other photos.( Photo contest! - a set on Flickr ) Please comment on this forum of what photo u like the most by the numbers by each photo. This would be very helpful if you guys can help me! :)
1 $IMG_0991.JPG2$431435_2908479309135_1175152209_32351582_924304483_n.jpg3$429931_2908224662769_1175152209_32351403_1679573740_n.jpg4$423672_2908216022553_1175152209_32351394_1763278482_n.jpg5$406780_2637953546160_1175152209_32266167_1044910471_n.jpg6$392714_2637965866468_1175152209_32266195_189994164_n.jpg7$380092_2505234748273_1175152209_32205813_1303792047_n.jpg$378130_271523116233475_239941876058266_792427_63441211_n.jpg8
What sort of contest and what are the judging criteria? Is it to promote something, is there a theme... that information could help influence the recommendations.
lol most pople like #1 and #3! ug this is a hard choice!
3...and I like the fact you have excluded a big huge watermark thats screams "I'm a bestbuy pro"
The little babies are cute, and other are ok but NUMBER 1 Catches My Eye, Most but the little kids capture my heart

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