need help making decision !!!


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Mar 14, 2006
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south yorkshire , england
i own a canon eos 35mm slr and have just bought a fuji s5600 5.1 digicam ! i like both but have decided i dislike the digicam due to small unclear viewfinder and no manual focus.Should i stick with the 35mm camera or sell both and buy a canon dslr d60 up etc.
1.stick with canon slr 35mm

2.sell both and save for dslr

help me decide !!!!
Been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt. I got rid of the digicam and held on to my 35mm. I then saved for a DSLR
it's impossible that s5600 doesn't have manual focus... my s5000 has ! not on the ring but through the buttons but it is there! actually if I were you... I wouldn't sell digicam... I'll hold it and try for some time and then buy DSLR... thats what I'm doing now... when I buy dslr I'll sell my digicam...
I have 35 mm slr too
sorry i must have not made it clear i know it has manual focus but you have to press and hold one button down while using the zoom plus and minus buttons its almost impossible to do !
thanks for your opinion mentos 007 and steve 817 i really appreciate them

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