Need help Shopping for a b-day gift! (hehehe!)


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Nov 29, 2005
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Ok, I'm a newbie...
I have a Nikon D50 with the standard 18-55mm lens.

Now I'm shopping for my first lens.
What do you suggest I buy?

I like to photograph birds and insects... (LOL!!! pretty different heh?) :blulsh2:

Thanks!! :hail:
Yeah, they are pretty different. For your birds you want a long lens, for a beginner, the 70-300G is alright and would give you a focal length of 450mm with your D50 and it's only about £100. You can try using this for your insects as well, bt it'll be pretty difficult, so for this you want a macro lens.

Tamron do a lens that is even cheaper than the nikon! It's a 70-300 macro, so might work alright, but for that price I'm not sure how good it is!

EDIT: Hang on, they also do a 28-300 macro lens. If this is any good, it sounds like a good compromise for what you need, £209 in the UK
Thanks the advice Badger!

I'll certainly look into that!!! :D

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