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Need opinion about symbolic


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Apr 17, 2006
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I'd need opinions about the symbolic of this picture.
What is your general feeling about it, about what makes it you think ? (is this english? :D)
And also, which version do you prefer?

089a :

089b :

089c :
Dang. For right now all I can think is: wow, lovely red. Perfectly shaped x.
No more... :(
Seems like your picture server is down for the moment. I'll come back to this later.
LaFoto :
Try hitting F5 twenty times... It works, when I apply the technique...
i like C, but i think the clock needs to be a little brighter in it.

Just a little fix of your grammar..the noun is "symbolism" :)

To me, the toy sitting there, along with the clock on the other side of the bars, makes me feel that I will never be able to go back to my childhood days of having fun.
melcooney :
I notice that.

bobaab :
Is the clock only too dark in version C? Or in every of them? Concerning your interpretation, it's not the one that comes to me first, but it is very interesting (the childhood aspect, I mean)
Image makes me feel like imprisonment or doing time, waiting for day that my time is up. The toy in the images makes me feel it all just a dream. I like the first version the best because it has a feeling of solitude with goes with my Interpretation.
I apologize in advance if this offends you, but I love brutally honest critique on my own work.

The first thing that came to mind is "contrived". It seems that you want to show a longing for freedom from the oppressive 'the man' type of machinery, but I'm not sure.............
Randog :
Your interpretation is near to mine. That's a good point for you :D

crawdaddio :
I'm not sure I understood what you wanted to say. But it's something different from my interpretation, and the more the people find different interpretations, the more I'm happy :D Concerning brutally honest critiques, it's to have some of 'em that I post my pictures. Got a plenty of "Oh how nice !" or "Nice shot", but they don't make me go forward.
I like the second one best!
What comes to my mind when Im looking at those is that we are all like robots, machines, slaves to time... but still there is hope to break free (the light that shines in from the right side...)
But still this is very subjective ;-)
This is how i feel at work right now.... imprisoned, painfully watching each second on the clock slowly pass by as I await 5 o'clock . . . . . .

i agree that the clock is a little dark. the numbers could use a little more light... i had to double check to realize what i was looking at. i think i like the orange hue better, but i can't really tell you why... it just matches my "interpretation" of the shot better.

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