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Dec 22, 2008
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Frisco Tx
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Hey this is a beauty retouch I recently did, and I was hoping to get some feedback on it. Thanks

Can I have a knock at it? (retouching I mean)

As for your retouching it would be helpful to specify what you were going for wit this.

Because, not being intentionally mean, but it looks as though the model is dead ( like those "dead" actors in CSI shows. To be more precise her forehead and shoulder are the same color and over exposed; the ring makes a statement with color without the color it look dull; her hair looks lively desat; there is a similar problem that the ring had that her lips are having (no more statement). Also the grass looks washed out it would of looked nicer, IMO, if you left the grass its natural color - it looks so green a luscious.

At forth look her skin tone does look nice that color but because you desat.-ed the while photo it takes away from her and just makes her look as part of the underlying parts and not the subject. I would suggest leaving the grass the orig. color and maybe giving her accessories and clothing more color and only having her body desat. I feel that would really make her stand out from the other parts of the photo.
Just my analysis of it. Sorry if I was mean.
Umm I was feeling bad about my critism on your pic so I will be fair and show u one of mine that I did something similar on.
Purple.02 (when you scroll down to artist comments you will see the link to the orig. I also have to make clear I do own the pic nor did I have any rights to the manip. but did have permission to alter and post my alter of the orignal and cannot take any credit for the pic :confused:)

Things I did to the photo:
Saturation ( desat. and sat during the process)
Levels (3 for different parts)
a few other not remembered things
& a bad job at coloring (as seen between the hair line and head :grumpy:)

Time taken on the photo roughly 2 hours (lost track)

How I did it:
I sat.ed it, blurred it, remove some aberrations, then made the photo a B&W, after gave her skin a color I liked (by overlaying it) and smoothing out the rest of the pic by bringing the color back to the hair and background

Sorry if this was a waste of time :mrgreen:

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