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Aug 15, 2013
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This will be my first digital camera, actually I am thinking of buying it for my wife for christmas. My brother has a D80, and has had it for years and every time my wife borrows it she raves about it for weeks. I was wondering if the p510 is compareable in quality of the camera and pictures it takes to the d80. the p510 is currently on clearance and after coupons I would be getting it for $135. Thanks for all the info in advance. Trying to compare camera specs when you dont know anything about them is very difficult.
D80 is already a pretty old camera an old DSLR.
You are asking us about a bridge camera with a very slow lens.
Frankly I don't think you can compare a fixed lens camera to a DLSR because these are 2 different animals, a DSLR is just the body to which you need to add a lens.
A good lens even on an old DSLR can make wonders to the end results.
I personally don't get these insane zoom bridge camera X42 is crazy, why would you need such a huge zoom ?
Yes they give you a lot of reach but the price is a very, very slow lens.
If money is tight and you are not interested getting into a DSLR then there are more then few very capable P&S cameras.
I would rather go for a fast lens with reasonable zoom then a bridge camera with huge lens that is very slow.

I have a P&S the Canon G15 its "only" X5 which I find to be enough for most my uses but it ihas a very fast lens, over all amazing camera with great picture quality and from pictures I saw of the P510 has for at least a full stop advantage in low light.

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