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Mar 10, 2013
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So I've been hired to do my first wedding. And the bride wants a photo book/album. I want to know what website or service you guys use to design and print them. Including the good ones, bad ones, and etc.
Thank You!
Use your practiced design skills to make the pages in PS, and then just upload those to Blurb or whatever.
I do family albums, not weddings, but I design my own pages in PS and upload them to a professional printing service. Lately I've been using Layflat Panoramic Albums from Miller's Lab.

You can also design albums in InDesign if you have any experience with that, I've been practicing with it and it makes it a lot easier and faster to replace images and save templates.

If you're not interested in designing anything there are templates available on sites like Etsy and solo designers. The Album Cafe has some nice designs that are simple to use in Photoshop.

If you're not photoshop savvy, I've had good experiences with MyPublisher as far a print quality goes. You can choose page templates and upload your images using their design software. Super easy to use. They have cover options as well.

I've only had one Blurb book made but I wasn't happy with the quality. The pages just felt more like a magazine than a high end book.

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