Need Recommendations for 'Natural' color films, ie lower contrast


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Jun 21, 2008
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I need some recommendations for films that will give me natural colors... I have shot with several different types of film and find that I like the lower contrast look of Superia 200 but the color is a bit too off for me... yellows for example.

Any experiences with films like Fuji 160S [i have 160C in the fridge because my shop ran out of S...], Portra 160NC, Reala, etc, or any other films would be great! I would love to know about how each performs, like the exposure latitude and grain, and what it is best for.

I usually shoot odd things, suburban still life shots... sometimes candid shots of people, etc..

Thanks in advance.
Any experiences with films like Fuji 160S

That was actually the film I had in mind before I read your post.

I found it to be very natural looking. It's probably my favorite film...
I haven't processed color yet, but wouldn't hand-processing solve your problem?

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