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    All have nice processing!

    #1 - if you would have brought the camera down more close into the tree thing and pointed up a little I think would have given a more dramatic feel. The Trees in the left corner are a bit dark would like to see more detail. Look like the trees on the right have some distortion but, I dont mind some distortion personally.

    #2 not to crazy about this one. So I won't comment

    #3 - I really like. To bad the top was cropped off. Good processing and has that realistic/could be a airbrushed look to me and I dig it.

    Over all I think 1 is my favorite. IF this was mine and had to be nit picky I would have waited for the sun to pop out to capture it directly...or I would add a galmour glow to give it warmth..not sure if you nik color effects but if not get it it has a great filters to help PP.

    Something like this,
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