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Need some lighting adjusting


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Jan 2, 2008
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The two dogs I was taking care of had just gotten back from a long walk. They went right to sleep in a darker part of the house. I got my camera and propped it up on the floor with a cloth in front of them as a make-shift tripod. I set my exposure time to 4 seconds and started to shoot.

The only problem was, the shots were turning out orange-ish. I noticed that I was underneath some dim compact fluorescent lights so I used a few white balanced modes that were labeled for use with fluorescent lights. No luck - same distorted hue.


Then I used an incandescent white balance feature and everything returned to normal!


I don't have the dogs over at my house anymore but I have several shots that were color distorted before I switched to incandescent white balance mode. I would like to try to correct this with GIMP. If someone could explain how they would do this in photoshop or gimp, that would help a lot. I'm not really sure how I would restore the color in an image like this but I have a feeling it wouldn't be too hard to do.

- sheep
I did about 7 steps for an accurate adjustment, but the photo filter does a nice job in one step, turn density down to keep more faun color cast.


Pretty decent edit there but unfortunately GIMP doesn't have a photo filter like that... :er:
You can do a similar filter effect in GIMP.

If you choose the color of a part of the image that has the color cast you want to remove with the color picker, duplicate the layer, fill the duplicated (top) layer with that color, then change it to a negative image. Then change the blending mode to soft light, and it will work just like a photo filter. You can adjust the opacity to get the efect you want from there.

Hopefully that makes sense. I'm not very good at describing things.

Heres what I was able to do with 2 different layers used the way I described. I haven't calibrated my monitor since getting my new computer, so hopefully this doesn't look too terrible.

This is what I came up with:

1. White Balance (Auto)
2. Channel Mixer (Preserve Luminosity)
Red: r - 70, g - 20, b - 20
Green r - 0, g - 100, b - 0
Blue r - 20, g - 0, b - 100


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