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Jul 17, 2007
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Hey all,

My grandma died back in December and I came up with a picture for my grandpa ( the two were joined at the hips-:).
Anyway, I can't seem to get it to work right, maybe someone could copy the photo's and give it a go?
I am learning CS3 with layers etc, but it wasn't working to my advantage this morning and I really want to present a picture to my grandpa on Friday (his bday).
Any help would be the best.
Thanks all. Link is below to where I put the pictures.
Rick Terpstra Photography-Grandma Ann
Have a look at this:

Not the best result in the world, but you see what I am trying to do.

Put each pic on different layers, add a layer mask to show the background and make something nice for the background.

I did this in Gimp.

And its awful, if you go for something along these lines you need to feather the selection when cutting/paste, you should use a mask to remove people from the background anyway. H

i'm new to the forum, but i can see where you're trying to go, and find myself often with too much spare time (my job is reeeaally boring), so i'll try and help. the problem you're running into is that by making one picture transparent to allow the other to show through, it's also bringing out all the distracting elements in the second picture (the foliage, mainly), and since you're fairly new to this, if you try to separate the two pictures, you might get something like what kish came up with, which i assume is NOT what you're going for at all. and seeing as you want this by tomorrow, i think a better option would be to place the two photos in a fold out frame, side by side, and convert the color one to black and white for consistency. A-it's easier. B-it'll look a lot better, imo, than a photoshopped 2-in-1 photo C-that's what i would do. however, if you still really like the idea of merging the two photos, i can try a few different techniques on it tonight, mostly cuz i feel bad that the only "help" anyone gave you on this is that in-an-attempt-not-to-be-rude-i'll-use-the-term-"interesting" creation above.

I apprciate all help, but yes the above picture doesn't quite do it for me-:)

I have and am working in CS3 as we speak ( the little man is with mommy, time for daddy-whoo hoo)
I have found how to do it somewhat and it looks promising.

Sarah have a go if you would and I'll try to post what I come up with here shortly on my webpage-:) I don't really need it for Friday, but it his bday, but if I/ we don't get it right, their anniversary is in two weeks. That might work better??
Ok, I think I got it. I have shown it to a few people around here and they seem to like it. I like it alot, I think it works for me.
What do you think. I still have to tweak it, but I think not bad for just learning the layers of CS3.
Thanks all

Rick Terpstra Photography-Grandma Ann
looks like you managed to figure it out. i'm not a big fan of the overlaid cloud effect, but it looks lots better than your first attempt. i did experiment with some other techniques, but unfortunately my computer is being less than reliable and doesn't want to upload any for me...sorry.
grandma 2008-mn.jpg

Here's my quick try. First I did my best to clean up each photo. I used the clone tool, the healing brush, and selected specific areas to adjust contrast with curves. The I upsized the background, and applied a bit of noise reduction. I layered them together. With various softness brushes and layer masks I trimmed the front photo just to the subject. In between the 2 layers I made a transparent, white fade; oval shaped and around the front subject. I modified that with soft brushes and layer masking. They I touched up contrast here and there using the selection lasso and curves. Finished with some sharpening.

I don't know if this has been any use to you. It's hard to explain exactly what I did.
Thanks Matt and everyone else.

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