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May 1, 2005
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If this is in the wrong section I'm sorry and can you move it to the correct one.

I am about to start scanning in 800+ rolls of negative films using my Canoscan 3200F. I have photoshop CS3 to help. The original Canon disc had ArcSoft Photostudio for scanning with and I wanted some advice.

  1. Should I use the ArcSoft software to scan in the negs, or is there another item of software out there that is better (and free or cheap)?
  2. If I scan into Photoshop CS3 using twain, what settings do you guys suggest? I want to print out to both 6x4 (for family albums) and 8x10 for larger pictures.
  3. What is the best software to catalogue these new items in (database so I can sort and file the images? I will be creating thumbnails for all of them sperately if required.
  4. Can I create "fake" EXIF data and with what? I'd like to be able to embed things like apature, shutter, camera etc in the "fake" EXIF if possible.

Thanks in advance, This is a mamoth job and I'd hateto get to 75% through it and find there was a better way to do things :)



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