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Nov 24, 2011
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general concept: 35mm b&w negatives are sent to other b&w shooters who have access to a darkroom. the negatives are printed by interpretation, then all are posted.

the flow: as many that would like to be involved shall be. an order of negative rotation will be established. the negatives are sent and a print produced in 10 days. nothing is done with prints at this point. the negatives are sent along in rotation. again, print in 10 days. each owner should get his/her neg back around the same time. a thread is then created by the owner of the neg and each interpretation print then posted for all to see.

fun !!!!!!!!!! :)

this will be a great way to see what kind of creative interpretations exist here as well as great exposure to different types of paper, developers, etc.

sooooooooo to get involved, just respond here (and get to the irc channel!).

happy with chemicals and be safe shooting. or something like that.
I love this concept, Ive always enjoyed working with groups in a lab as well as all to myself with my favorite music. It's uncanny how different people, different equipment and chemicals will have so much effect on a print. This is also a great opportunity to play with negatives from others which could be exposed and developed in a number of ways. If anyone's looking to beef up their lab skills or get started this is a great way!

You can count me in for a negative exchange, for anything up to 4x5!
One of the beginning Photo classes I took at UNL did just that. The professor had the whole class print from the same negative; it was very educational to see all the various interpretations of the one image.
When's the "Negative Around The World" starting??
What he did, to be banned ? In 58 posts ?
That's OK. It was only rhetorical question.

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