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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL
Is this appealing? Too over the top?

crawdaddio said:
Did I break the rules somehow?
No rules broken. I was just making the point that you were cutting it fine with the Guidelines.
If you read them they are quite clear and very specific about how to post in here. It's to do with giving a reasonable amount of information and being specific about the help you ask for.
Posting a picture with just the comment 'Is this appealing? Too over the top?' is not really in the spirit of things. But I'll let it pass this time.

Some history by way of explanation:
There was a time, not that long ago, when the Critique Gallery was a waste of space. People just posted random pictures in here for no other reason than they stayed around a bit longer than in the General Gallery.
It was decided by the Mods and Admins that something needed to be done - otherwise there was no point to keeping the thing.
The role of the CritGal was seen as being a place to come for practical help with specific problems, and not just a 'what do you think?' place. So another Mod and I wrote some quite tight guidelines which we applied rigorously - and got a fair degree of flack in the process - but we eventually got this place sorted so it actually fulfilled it's function.
Recently I have noticed things sliding backwards in here. Several posts have already been moved by other Mods for not observing the Guidelines, and I have just shifted a bunch more. This thread was borderline but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt - I just felt it was time to raise awareness of the Guidelines again, is all.

End of caffeine-fueled sermon, now back to the film.... ;)
Thank you for the detailed explanation. I thought it was clear that I was asking if the post processing of this image was overkill, artistic, mundane, just plain stupid, etc......Any general critique really. I will be sure to provide more details about the help I am looking for in the future in this particular forum.

Which brings up something I have been wondering hertz... Is it just technical issues or advice on any phase of that particular image. I truly do not wish to break the rules.

I took a look at one of my images with the lasso and negative color and it does work and very dramatically too. i think I might use it on a poster one day...
mysteryscribe said:
Is it just technical issues or advice on any phase of that particular image.
There's a lot more to a photograph than the technical aspects. Answer your question?
But if you want an exploratory aesthetic criticism, for instance, then you might find there are very few people who can bake that cookie ;)

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