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Oct 28, 2005
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Friend of mine and I have a deal going where I do his black and white rolls free and he gets my colour rolls done for me for free... He just gave me today a roll of 100 speed Neopan SS. Presumably he'll never shoot it again because it's discontinued but us kid's don't have much money and hate to discard anything. I say this because having loooked around the net for a good half hour, I cannot find any developing times for Neopan shot at 100 ISO and developed in Tmax Dev. Presumably this is because it is deemed silly to pull the film (which is actually 200 ISO, just coded for 100 for some reason). There is a time for 400 and 200 ISO in tmax... is it possible to just determine some sort of linear relationship between the times and iso? or does anyone have any advice?
Thanks, Will.

The Massive Dev Chart, , suggests 5.5mins in TMax dev @1+4, 20 Celsius, exposing at 200asa. A possible reason that there is not a time for exposing at 100asa is that it will reduce the time to below 5 minutes, which is normally seen as a no-no if you want even development.

If you are definitely unable to source an alternative developer, then your best course would probably be to increase the dilution of the TMax developer. If it was me, I'd try 5.5~6 minutes at 1+5, although this is only an educated guess.

Hope this helps

Thanks for that, I did it last night for just under 5 minutes with 1+4 dilution. Seem to have come out fine and I'll soon find out from my friend.
Thanks again!

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